The whole team eats

Dinner parties work the best if everyone at the table chooses to play along.

Take your fair share of food. Not more, not less. There’s enough food for everyone.

If someone can’t reach a dish, pass it to them.

Be open to trying the dish your friend recommends.

Respect the speaker during the conversation.

Speak up and add value when it’s your time to talk.

Having dinner with someone is a great way to show generosity, support and respect. To me, life is one big dinner party.

There are approximately 7,387,326,420 people in the world right now, and I believe we’re all sitting at the same dinner table. It’s hard to force everyone to play along, but we do have a choice if we’re going to play or not.

Are you going to be greedy and stingy that you won’t allow for others to experience opportunites?

When someone needs help, are you going watch them struggle, or offer up your knowledge of the subject. Provide them with that introduction to a person who can help. Lend your ear to simply…listen.

Will you open up so that others can show you something new? Something that you just might like.

Will you take a second to see someone else’s point of view when they have the floor?

Will you bring your talents, experiences, wisdom, hopes and desires to the table, or hold back? It’s your choice.